Wine Cellar

The wine cellar "Unica" is characterised by Italian design wich is modern. attractive and simple. 

Steel and glass combine with the wooden floor and other personalised finishing touches so as to
adapt to every type of forniture.
The dimensions are settled during the project phase, according to the available room.
The forced air ventilation system and the double-pane door enable you to recreate the perfect
microclimate for the storage of your wine.
Furthermore the cellar is provided with RGB Color chancing LED lights wich protects your wine
from the harmful effects of the light.
The wine cellar "Unica" is the perfect piece of furniture to your restaurant on your home.
Withe wines +6°C  (42.8°F) - +10°C  (50°F) 
Red Wines + 14 °C (57.2°F) - + 20° C (68°F)


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